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Assess the price of your WOW Account

Wow account cannot be assessed accurately as it maybe appreciation or depreciation soon after. And you wow account would be updated regularly as you still playing the game even you have decided to choose farmer100 for sale.

Every wow player wants to know the value of his wow account no matter whether he plans to sell it. Sometimes, you cannot acquire the price you are expected to. After all, you have invested so much money, time and energy into it. There are some factors that can influence your precious wow account.

First, the quantity and level of characters on your wow account. An account with multiple level-80s will be worth significantly more than one with a single character at max-level, or a smattering of low-level characters.

Second, that is gear quality of your main character which determined by an average of the item levels of each piece. You can make use of bigfoot software to evaluate it. Of course, a gear with an item level of 245 and 258 will be the most valuable.

Third, About rare or difficult-to-obtain pieces of gear, which may be significantly more valuable than their item level alone indicates, such as Val’anyr, a prized spell mace, item level 258 weapons, and rare trinkets.

Forth, cosmetic upgrades that you’ve made to your character could have a huge influence on wow account. Things like rare titles like “Hand of A’dal,” “Grand Crusader,” “Death’s Demise” and “Gladiator”.

Last, something addition also increase value of your wow account. Such as achievements, backpack, prestige, weapons and the lovely pets baby equipment.


Wow players must provide their personal information when register a new wow account. All the information should be true. Otherwise, you can not modify any message about wow account when you need help from Blizzard representative. So, there is a contradiction in the information as it is sensitive to everyone including credit card number, email address. If you are worried about disclosing the information you have submitted, you’d better remove personal information when close wow account.
You can use the email which you have registered by wow account to email to request a remove. The email must including the primary account holder’s name, telephone number and date of birth.
You can request any additional removals that you think necessary. Blizzard keeps names, birth dates and email addresses on file to identify wow account holders. This information can be removed when you close a wow account, but it will require speaking with a customer service representative directly.
At last, you just need to wait for your response email that Blizzard email you with an address ending in .A representative may call a listed contact number if further details are necessary.
The recommended is just value for situation that removes your personal information when you plan to close wow account. As a long-term players, everyone should ensure their information be real and completely.

Wow players are required to merge their different wow accounts to account. However, there is someone who has two or more wow accounts want to unlink them for sale or give it to friend. How to solve this problem? I will provide some tips for people who want to separate wow accounts from a
For accounts security, the only way to unlink a wow account from a account is to contact the Account and Technical Services department at Blizzard Entertainment and work with a representative to unlink the wow account. You are should do these steps:
First, please create another account with a different email. It will be a which your unlinked wow account will be linked. The most important thing is to use the name which is the same with your current account.

Second, Call Blizzard’s Account and Technical Services at 800-592-5499 and speak with a support specialist. If you are in Korea, Europe, China, browse to the “Contacting International Customer Services” page on Blizzard’s website; and for other countries, navigate to the “Contact Customer Services” page.

Third, Explain to the representative that you have two wow accounts connected to one account and just want to unlink one. The representative will explain that unlinking the wow account means it must be transferred to a new account. That is the first step we have done.

Forth, provide the email on the account including the wow account that you want unlinked. Answer to the secret question and verify the first and last name on that account. Give the representative your new account information as well.

Fifth, State the name of the “World of Warcraft” account you want to unlink. If it is a newer account, it is named “WoW1”; for an older account, it is the name you used to log in to your wow account before merger to the account.

Last, Supply the authentication key of the account you wish to unlink. If you purchased the physical retail box, the key is located on the DVD sleeves within the box. If you purchased the electronic version from the store, the key was provided in the receipt emailed to you when you purchase it. Once verified successfully, the representative will transfer the wow account to your new account.

Please prepared the first step to ensure the process more smoothly, and the secret question is also important when you create the wow account. You can not unlink accounts without correct answer.

You can register two or more wow accounts within a account, but one mailbox name just for only one battle account.

In other words, different wow accounts can be combined to a single account. You can do this by going into your account and adding more wow accounts to it. Certainly, the premise of it is that both accounts are registered under the same user name. However, it is impossible to merging 2 wow accounts so all the characters that are available from 1 account.
Blizzard has forced all players to combine accounts into their account, which means that your account name is equal to the email address with which the account was made. You must log into accounts separately to access different characters, but there is a flexible approach that you can start up wow account twice, and log into a different account with each session.

Before registering many accounts you need to think that whether you need one or more wow account though you can set up many characters in the same account. Another choice is that you can register under only one name and transfer your characters from this account to another.

People who has stopped playing wow may wants to reactive his wow account before MISTS OF PANDARIA came out, so he can benefit from higher level characters. However, you need pay to upgrade to the new expansion if you want to experience the latest piece of information.

It is so important to find your old wow account and that may save you hours of frustration. Players spend hours to increase their character’s level after registered wow account. Recovering your old account is a simple process compare to creating a new. You are able to call or use Blizzard’s official account recovery Web page to find your account’s username and password.

How can you get your old wow account started up again? To start up an old account, perhaps you just simply need start paying for it again. However, if it has been several patches after you stopped playing it, you need to let the client update itself to the current version.

Here are some steps for recover your old wow account : First, navigate to Blizzard’s online account retrieval site. Second, fill in your name and your e-mail address and click “Continue”.  Third, check your e-mail for your account username and password. Last, call wow accounts services at 1-800-592-5499. Provide the operator with as much detail about your account information as possible: Your billing address, your credit or debit card, name, phone number and any details about your account such as the level of the characters.

Most wow players have come and gone at least once from the game.  Because even the professional players need a break, I hope this can help you recovering your wow account rather than create a new which needs a long time to access to the level. Another way to experience high level account is go to farmer100.

Every wow player will be worry about their account being locked in different
ways. Because that Blizzard has set up many programs to avoid illegal
account world of warcraft using behavior. Have you ever had the problem of
off-site login account locked?

If you login in account world of warcraft in an IP which is not commonly used,
the next maybe a dialog for reminding you that account world of warcraft and
then you will receive an email from Blizzard that will be described as being
locked due to suspicious activity. Also, if the IP changes constantly in a short
period of time, your game account would possibly get locked. So, a good
reminder is that you do not try to login your wow account in different IP
frequently. If you must do so, please wait for 30 minutes in order to
reduce the risk of being locked. Otherwise, you would change password. It is
so much terrible that you should wait the customer servers finished your order
when you just plan to begin the game at once.

Some wow players maybe encounter the problem that he can not login in US version as an EU wow account. What is the reason about off-site landing?

As a wow player, the key that registered with the EU version can only be used to create an EU wow account, regardless of the realm list you try to load or the client you are running. However, if you have not activated the key yet, it is possible to ask Blizzard to convert your key to a US key. So you can create a US account with it, and certainly, it will not allow you to play on EU servers.
If you’re on different game servers in the EU and US version and the only way to continue playing wow is that registering a new EU wow account or US account. Assume that you set up another account, please choose the sever you want when initially presented with the new character roll screen.

When you plan to buy wow account from farmer100, please remember to choose server, though the game experience is the same, no matter US or EU, it can not been cross-used.

If I want to selling wow account, How to assess it correctly?
First, u should known the price you expect and what is the feature about your
selling wow account.
Second, choose a safe website, click into the
Third, submit all the necessary information that the webmaster required for
selling it.
Forth, it is very important to offering the account description as much as
possible that is good for selling wow account in high price quickly.

How to assess the account, and which is characterized by valuable?
There is not any official date about the value of any account information. I just
offer some proposals in my opinion. There are something valuable you can find
when you want selling wow account: CD Keys and game cards, power leveling,
professions, G coins and gs, achievements, backpack, Glyph, gems, minerals,
prestige, weapons, mounts, pets baby equipment.