If I want to selling wow account, How to assess it correctly?
First, u should known the price you expect and what is the feature about your
selling wow account.
Second, choose a safe website, click into the http://wow.farmer100.com
Third, submit all the necessary information that the webmaster required for
selling it.
Forth, it is very important to offering the account description as much as
possible that is good for selling wow account in high price quickly.

How to assess the account, and which is characterized by valuable?
There is not any official date about the value of any account information. I just
offer some proposals in my opinion. There are something valuable you can find
when you want selling wow account: CD Keys and game cards, power leveling,
professions, G coins and gs, achievements, backpack, Glyph, gems, minerals,
prestige, weapons, mounts, pets baby equipment.