Every wow player will be worry about their account being locked in different
ways. Because that Blizzard has set up many programs to avoid illegal
account world of warcraft using behavior. Have you ever had the problem of
off-site login account locked?

If you login in account world of warcraft in an IP which is not commonly used,
the next maybe a dialog for reminding you that account world of warcraft and
then you will receive an email from Blizzard that will be described as being
locked due to suspicious activity. Also, if the IP changes constantly in a short
period of time, your game account would possibly get locked. So, a good
reminder is that you do not try to login your wow account in different IP
frequently. If you must do so, please wait for 30 minutes in order to
reduce the risk of being locked. Otherwise, you would change password. It is
so much terrible that you should wait the customer servers finished your order
when you just plan to begin the game at once.