Wow players are required to merge their different wow accounts to account. However, there is someone who has two or more wow accounts want to unlink them for sale or give it to friend. How to solve this problem? I will provide some tips for people who want to separate wow accounts from a
For accounts security, the only way to unlink a wow account from a account is to contact the Account and Technical Services department at Blizzard Entertainment and work with a representative to unlink the wow account. You are should do these steps:
First, please create another account with a different email. It will be a which your unlinked wow account will be linked. The most important thing is to use the name which is the same with your current account.

Second, Call Blizzard’s Account and Technical Services at 800-592-5499 and speak with a support specialist. If you are in Korea, Europe, China, browse to the “Contacting International Customer Services” page on Blizzard’s website; and for other countries, navigate to the “Contact Customer Services” page.

Third, Explain to the representative that you have two wow accounts connected to one account and just want to unlink one. The representative will explain that unlinking the wow account means it must be transferred to a new account. That is the first step we have done.

Forth, provide the email on the account including the wow account that you want unlinked. Answer to the secret question and verify the first and last name on that account. Give the representative your new account information as well.

Fifth, State the name of the “World of Warcraft” account you want to unlink. If it is a newer account, it is named “WoW1”; for an older account, it is the name you used to log in to your wow account before merger to the account.

Last, Supply the authentication key of the account you wish to unlink. If you purchased the physical retail box, the key is located on the DVD sleeves within the box. If you purchased the electronic version from the store, the key was provided in the receipt emailed to you when you purchase it. Once verified successfully, the representative will transfer the wow account to your new account.

Please prepared the first step to ensure the process more smoothly, and the secret question is also important when you create the wow account. You can not unlink accounts without correct answer.