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How to Avoid Keyloggers and Viruses in RuneScape

Do you want your rs account to be safe? Do you want to prevent your account from being hacked? Viruses and keyloggers can steal your Runescape account, which is never a good thing. Here’s how to try and avoid them. Following these steps can keep your computer secure and safe.

Here are some tips and warnings for you
1. Report anyone advertising a website, as they may contain harmful spyware/keyloggers.
2. Listen to moderators. They always have a gold crown or silver crown (for player moderators).
3. Player moderators have a small silver crown with a black M next to their names in the chat window. They have been appointed by Jagex to monitor the game and mute rule-breakers. They know the rules well and will usually give players advice unless they’re busy reporting someone or something. However, you should not bother them with questions unless you have already checked RuneScape’s Knowledge Base because it distracts them from more important things such as muting scammers. If you want to be a mod, don’t ask them how but instead go to the Moderators page in the Knowledge Base.
4. Mods and Jagex NEVER ask Runescape members for their password and they never email you! Jagex only contacts you using in-game messaging service.
If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows or Mac OS, switch to a more secure browser (Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera are good choices). Internet Explorer is known for its security holes in every single version.
5. Sometimes, you can encounter a scammer who has sent you an email about Runescape. They may ask you for your password, go to a hacksite, or anything that seems suspicious. Do not open their attachments, it is very likely that it is a keylogger. Do not click on the links they have given you as they can be hacksites. It is known that scammers can change their email to a very trustful email such as “” This is FAKE, so do not interact with them in any way. Plus, you will only be contacted by Jagex via official Message Center on the Runescape website if you are chosen to be a moderator or something of the sort. If you want to sell runescape accounts, you would better choose a reliable website.

This should become common sense IF you read the knowledge base.
6. Always try to be one step ahead of the scammers – if you think it’s too good to be true, check in the knowledge base.
7. If you report someone for scamming, whether it´s true or not, don’t think they will be banned. Jagex can´t see what happens in the trade screen and scammers can easily appeal and have their ban deleted. However, they see unbalanced trades and the words spoken by a scammer to trick others.

1. Don’t type your password in chat, even in private chat. Even though a filter prevents this from being displayed, it is still foolish. Do not type your password backwards, It will show.
2. Mods don’t wear their crowns, they have it beside their names in public and private chat.
3. Don’t go to any RuneScape related sites that look dodgy. These websites often contain keyloggers.
4. It is not recommend to click on any ads in RuneScape. Some are known to be bundled with adwares. Do not click on any ads in fansites (such as RuneHQ,, etc.), the staff have confirmed that some advertisments are NOT safe!


A hacker has been arrested for stealing players’ identities, skills, weapons and virtual money in an online computer game.

In the first case of its kind, the 23-year-old man was held for hijacking hundreds of teenage boys’ runescape accounts to gain access to their hard-won virtual abilities.
The boys were taking part in RuneScape, a medieval fantasy game which has more than 100million players worldwide.

It revolves around collecting gold coins which characters can use to buy magic potions, spells and weapons in a world of dungeons and dragons.

It can take years for players to accrue wealth and skills through a series of challenges from fighting goblins to activities such as fishing, farming and mining.

Police believe the hacker obtained password details through a so-called phishing scam where a fake internet page tricks users into handing over their personal informat

The hacker can then gain control of the player’s character – or avatar – and sell off his or her weapons, skills, equipment and clothing, which can be worth tens of thousands of pounds in the real world.

Though against the rules of the game, a lucrative black market exists where players can buy powerful characters and items within RuneScape, without having to spend hundreds of hours building up their own profile.

One of RuneScape accounts for sale was recently sold for £46,000.

However, the arrested hacker did not steal the accounts to sell on. Police believe the man, who has not been named, simply wanted to boost his own standing in the computer game.

He was arrested last Tuesday in the Avon and Somerset area and accepted a police caution for hacking into 284 accounts.

RuneScape was founded in 2001. It is free to anyone over the age of 13, although players have to pay £5 a month if they want more conquests and skills.

The most popular characters chosen by players are wizards, rangers and fighters, while the most feared monster is the corporeal beast, which eats souls.

Players can also buy ‘magical’ potions – including one to make teenagers’ spots disappear.

Kill Queen with One Omega Egg

Here is an article reprinted from Vaskor which was about killing queen with just a omega egg in runescape.
It’s funny how little is needed to give an incentive to train a particular skill with runescape accounts. I’ve been shying away from training Agility for several years, then Jagex released auras, I chose Surefooted and suddenly found myself doing frequent 20 mins runs on the advanced Gnome Course and my Agility jumping from 81 to nearly 85. But that’s not the topic I wanted to talk about.
I’ve been using Penance master horn when training Agility, so, naturally, I had to mix my 20 mins runs with Barbarian Assault games in order to refill the horn. This is my favorite Runescape minigame – no complains there 🙂 I love it. Barbarian Assault is simply the best way to make new friends in Runescape.
There is just one thing that frequently tarnishes it: Barbarian Assault Myths…
The biggest culprit is the myth about the egg launcher. You know it: “don’t shoot!!! we’ll all loose points” and it’s variation “don’t shoot!!! I won’t get as many points as I could for my role”. Of course, both statements are completely false. No one looses or misses any points because of other players using cannon to kill penance creatures. But the myth persists and people loose their tempers because of it, name calling ensues and teams fall apart.
I think I got used to it, though. It seems like this myth won’t disappear no matter what…
But now a new destructive myth appeared and I am worried about it having bad impact on the game: people insist on trying to kill the Queen with just one omega egg. It’s actually not a myth, it’s a glitch in the game which is possible to exploit. I found one video where it is shown, see here if you are interested. In a nutshell, it is possible (or used to be possible, I don’t know if Jagex already fixed it or not) to load the cannot with some normal eggs, then everybody opens shooting interface and starts spam-clicking on the empty omega egg slot. Then the collector loads just one egg and boom, it goes multiple times, the queen is dead.
I actually don’t care that much about this glitch. If it works it presumably saves a minute of the game time, who cares! What I care about is the fact that people start to force their teammates to try it. It is not very easy to do with spam-clicking and all that, so it NEVER works the first time! What happens next is just as bad as it is repetitive. The person who wants to exploit the glitch insists on trying again and the rest of the team begs him to forget about it and kill the Queen in a normal way. It goes on for a while (5-10 mins!!!), sometimes another unsuccessful attempt follows, finally, names are being called and someone quits the game. In short, I have yet to seen a Queen killed when someone mentions trying this “one omega egg glitch”. Brrr…
So yeah, if that happens to you, my advice would be to run! As soon as the glitch is mentioned, quit the game and look for another team. Seriously. You’ll save yourself 30 mins and spare the rest of the team from a nasty exchange.
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Here is an article about sharing playing runescape experience, which was written by a player who has rs account in high level. Reprinted from Vaskor
I am still alive, I just went undercover for a while. Almost literally. Anyway, I kept playing Runescape on a fairly regular basis, but didn’t do much on the site or (obviously) in this blog. I am not sure if I am ready to come back to regular writing, but today was a special occasion – I finally killed Jad!
I tried to do it time and again for years, but to no avail. Supplies weren’t an issue and I learned how to switch prayers without loosing concentration, but as soon as healers would appear – boom, boom and I was dead. I read guides and watched videos, I even tried to tank Jad with turmoil and vengeance, but it didn’t work either.
Finally I bumped into the solution. Somewhere in the middle of RS Wiki article about Jad I saw this: “In fact, it is possible to kill TzTok-Jad using only deflect curses. The damage that is deflected back to him does not count as the player’s damage, which means that the healers will not be summoned when he is at half health.” OMG!!! It is possible to kill Jad without having to deal with healers! I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I did try this approach and… it worked. After about 8-9 minutes stand-off Jad killed itself – the only thing I had to do was to watch Jad’s attacks, switch prayers and take an occasional sip of prayer restore potion.
So if you are still on a quest to kill Jad and have similar problems, give this method a try! May be you will be interested in how to kill Jad without a fight in the game, and you need a nice runescape account for sale to begin your game at once.

Play Runescape in your own way

1. After you finish the required introductory tasks, start your existence in runescape without help from the game!
2. While there is no set thing to do, there are things you can do that would benefit you more. To start, go to Bob’s axes (south of Lumbridge Castle) and take a free bronze hatchet and bronze pickaxe. Find some level 2 goblins north or east of Lumbridge and begin the “killing process.” The hatchet is recommended, but you can use the pickaxe and still have a good effect. If you set the hatchet to “Chop” you level attack. “Slash” levels strength and “Block” levels defense.
3. Health always goes down. After fighting for a few minutes, your health begins to drop and drop. If your health is below 15, STOP FIGHTING! Turn on the run button in the top right and run away to a safer place with no enemies. As you level up, you are less prone to taking damage and become slowly stronger. The one way to heal yourself the fastest: food. This is where the next four skills will come into play.
4. Chopping trees with woodcutting. To start the healing process with food, use your hatchet once again to chop down a tree. You only need one tree, but cut two in case your first fire burns out. Make sure it’s a regular tree or a dead tree only. You need a woodcutting level of 15 to cut oak trees, so you can only cut regular trees for a while.
5. Fishing in RuneScape. To fish, first go to the fishing store in Lumbridge and take a free sample for a crayfish cage. Go behind the church to find spots for “crayfishing.” Catch about 10 crayfish and walk away from the river.
6. Making fire. Fire is a lot less dangerous in RuneScape. It may take a while the first few times. To start, grab a free sample for a tinderbox from the Lumbridge General Store. Come back and click on the tinderbox in your inventory and then click on the logs to light a fire.
7. Cooking the fish. By now, your health may be (almost) full. This is alright, but you are still learning to fish, cut, burn and cook. Click on the raw crayfish and then click on the fire. You will most likely burn at least forty percent of your crayfish.
8. Eat the shrimp. Head back to the goblins and train on those until you think you are ready to fight cows or you get 15 or below health if you get 15 or below health then go back and repeat steps 5-7 and train until you are comfortable
9. Go to cows and train on them. If you are level 5 or lower, you will need to go back for food often so it is not recommended. Train and pick up cowhides as these sell for high prices and bury bones. DO not sell the cowhide until you have about maybe 200-300 of them. After you have 200 cowhide you will have a good solid 20-50k gp. Congratulations! You have reached your first 20-50k gp! Sell your cowhide at the Grand Exchange, which is North-West of Varrock West Bank and North-East of Barbarian Village.
10. Now if you think you are ready go to Al-Kharid… Pay 10 gp by keeping the coins you earned from cowhides by selling it on G.E with your rs account. (Grand Exchange north of Varrock) or just simply walk around the other way. Fight Al-Kharid warriors, who can be found in the palace. The only bad thing is there are really no fishing spots and going around is just plain boring so lots of GP is recommended just in case.
11. Do you feel like you need to be more defended? Sell your cowhides and get armour according to your defence level (bronze 1, etc). If you were training on cows for a long time, then you might be looking towards into buying feathers or food. Make sure you still have at least 10 gp left to go through the gate. Leather Armor can also be effective-if you have the required crafting level.
12. Start Questing. This can get you Xp, Coins or items. A good one to start with is “Cook’s Assistant”. if you get stuck on it just go to a help site or go onto the RuneScape quest help page.
13. Your first 100K. Note that gaining 100k as a noob AND a f2p can become extremely challenging.
14. Never ever trust anyone who asks for your email, if anyone wants you to follow them and get a load of expensive armour and coins…….DON’T they will kill you and then steal your stuff so be warned. The safety way to get what you want is buy runescape account with armour and gold on safety site.

RuneScape is a popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in a medieval setting. To start, all you need is to create an account. Later on in the game, you may decide to become a member (those who pay for extra features). With a paid subscription, you can build your own house, explore more areas, and level more skills.

Here are steps about how to create your runescape account:
1. Go to the RuneScape website and register your account.
2. Click the “Create new account” link at the bottom of the page that appears.
3. Type in your name, email address, password, and age, then click continue. Remember that you have to be 13 or older if you want to be able to freely chat with people!
4. Choose your character’s skin color, gender, and what you’d like them to look like. This will not affect their skills within the game. Since it is a fantasy-type game, it’s fine if you make your character be of the opposite gender. Remember that you can change your characters’ gender, skin color, and clothes in-game.
5. Further customize your character. You can do this by clicking on the tabs in the upper right corner of the screen for hair, shirt, pants/skirt, boots, skin color, and beard (if applicable), then selecting the type and color you’d like below.
6. Name your character. This can be whatever you want, but make sure you don’t use any vulgar language or they may force you to change your name later.
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How to Make Planks on RuneScape

Have you ever realized that you spend way too much money on more and more rooms? Ever noticed that you have 8 parlors and your house contains 10 rooms? It may let you decide to sell runescape accounts sometimes. Here’s a way about how to make planks on runescape:

1. Buy or make some planks and nails.
2. Get a saw and a hammer.
3. Make a parlor room, and build all the furniture that you can.
4.Continue building everything you can in each room (always build your best room that you can and try not to build more than one of each room unless you can afford it/want it). Do this until you can build a workroom with your rs account.
5. Finish everything you can build in your workroom and then start building (if you are training) the third best thing that you can build at the worktable (so you don’t bend as many nails).
6. Put the furniture in your house, or sell it to the general store.

Building at your worktable helps you from not building multiple rooms/deleting all your stuff. Your planks don’t go to waste because you can place the finished furniture in your house later. Try doing construction quests to help you out, and using genies and xp lamps to gain cheap experience.

Rare public appearance by Runescape creators adds to exclusive festival program.
Nottingham, UK. GameCity and the National Videogame Archive are proud to announce Runescape : The Director Commentary – taking place at GameCity Squared.
Jagex will be making a rare public appearance to give a privileged, unique insight into both the Jagex history and culture – and the development of one of the most successful MMO’s of all time. 

Christoph Vietzke, Head of RuneScape said, “I am looking forward to being a part of GameCity in Nottingham and talking about how we manage to keep our MMO, RuneScape, as successful as it is. As a company that concentrates on making great games rather than advertising campaigns, Jagex stands as example that there is room in the games industry for independent developers. I hope that some of our experiences can help other independent developers to be successful and that’s why I happily accepted the invitation to this great event.”

The event follows the success of Goldeneye: The Director Commentary, held at GameCity Three, and builds on the festival’s reputation for delivering exclusive and accessible videogame culture events.

“For a developer of the calibre of Jagex to be taking the time to explore their work with the GameCity audience and the National Videogame Archive is both an index of how far games have travelled as a cultural medium, and the impact that the festival is having. We’re incredibly excited that Jagex have chosen to share their insights and inner workings with the GameCity audience”, said festival Director Iain Simons.

The event will be taking place at 2.30pm on Friday 30th October 2009 in the Ballroom at GameCity Squared.

About GameCity
GameCity is the UK’s best-loved gaming event, attracting international speakers like Alexei Pajitnov, creator of Tetris and Keita Takahashi, the man behind the Katamari Damacy phenomenon, as well as exclusive game premieres, debates in Indian restaurants and amazing music events. A five-day festival which takes gaming out into the streets, shops and cinemas of Nottingham, it’s about finding out what a videogame festival could be. Anyone who has runescape acc must be interested in it.
About Nottingham Trent University
Nottingham Trent University is lead partner and supporter of Nottingham’s annual GameCity festival. Its Centre for Contemporary Play brings together inter-disciplinary projects and expertise from across the university, encouraging knowledge transfer and partnerships with the gaming industry.

About the National Videogame Archive
The NVA has been created in a bid to preserve the history of a global industry now worth an estimated £22bn. Formed by academics at Nottingham Trent University and working in partnership with the National Media Museum in Bradford, the archive will recognise the significant contributions made by videogames to the diversity of popular culture across the globe.
The new archive will be housed at the National Media Museum and will be managed, steered and researched in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University’s Centre for Contemporary Play. The Centre draws on academic strengths across a range of disciplines, including psychology, cultural studies, art and design and computer science. In addition to hardware and code, it will encompass the wider cultural phenomenon of videogames by documenting advertising campaigns, magazine reviews, artwork and the communities that sustain them – the overall aim being to collect, celebrate and preserve this vital cultural form for future generations.

The Centre for Contemporary Play, Nottingham Trent University
The Centre brings together inter-disciplinary projects from across Nottingham Trent University with an interest in gaming – encouraging knowledge transfer between the university and the gaming industry. The Centre for Contemporary Play is responsible for the running of the annual GameCity festival.

National Media Museum, Bradford
The National Media Museum in Bradford, West Yorkshire opened as the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in 1983 and has since become one of the most visited UK museums outside London. The museum houses permanent galleries, temporary exhibition spaces and three cinema theatres including IMAX. The National Media Museum is part of the National Museums of Science and Industry (NMSI) family.

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RuneScape2 Enters Beta Phase

Few believed that anyone could create a massively multiplayer online role-playing game using Java, but their disbeliefs were proven wrong by Jagex Limited. Now, RuneScape 2, an updated and improved version of RuneScape, has entered a closed-beta testing period for current subscribers, and it have over 200 million registered runescape accounts. :
RuneScape 2 is a completely updated version of the hugely popular online adventure game RuneScape, where players have monsters to skill, map to explore and quests to complete. RuneScape 2 features vastly improved graphics and a completely new game engine.
‘The whole team has worked really hard to get this Beta ready for launch.’ says Constant Tedder, Managing Director of Jagex Ltd, ‘Our existing players have been really patient as the wait has been longer than we would have hoped for. Hopefully when they see what we have done we will have gone beyond their expectations and our players will think the wait has been worth it.’
When the game goes full launch early in 2004 existing RS1 players will be able to transfer their accounts in full to RS2 , with all stats intact.
Tedder added: ‘RuneScape 2 is truly one giant leap bringing fully 3D massively multi-player gaming to anyone with an internet connection. Playable in the browser with no lengthy downloads or cumbersome installation process, anyone can start playing in just 3 minutes.’ You can train your account to be a runescape pure account.

Runescape has become the first game in history to have over 200 million registered player accounts. I think some players maybe have two or more runescape accounts or more yet.

Jagex Games Studio, developer of the MMO RuneScape, has announced that their 11 year old games has over 200 million registered accounts. To give context to that, the press release states that “if RuneScape were a country it would be the 5th largest population in the world.”

A counter has been running on the game’s homepage which, when the milestone was reached earlier today, marked the start of 3 days of in-game celebrations.

Speaking about the feat, Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard commented, “When the game was first released, nobody could ever have expected it would reach such high levels of popularity largely by community word of mouth. It has been an incredible journey to get to where we are today, and by continuing our tradition of constantly innovating, evolving and lovingly crafting RuneScape we are certain to continue to break records by creating an online adventure like no other.”

Since its launch in 2001, the free-to-play MMO has enticed 200 million adventurers from more than 150 countries around the world. If RuneScape were a country it would be the 5th largest population in the world, and the game’s players have clocked up in excess of 443 billion minutes of game time so far. And there will be more and more rs accounts for sale on forums and websites