While melee warriors generally prefer heavy metal armors, and ranged fighters utilize leather and light armor types, magic users are unique in their tendency to eschew armor altogether. Instead, robes and their accoutrements provide enough magic defense while boosting magical attacks to ensure that mages are effective in battle. Member accounts can access a varied selection of magic wares, but non-members runescape account must be satisfied with humble garments that have almost no variation.

1. Blue Wizard Robe
Most novice and free-to-play mages use the Blue Wizard Robe, which provides three bonus attack points and three magic defense points to its wearers. When bought from the Grand Auction House, these robes frequently sell for 900 gold, but can fluctuate between 850 and 950 depending on availability. If you would rather earn these robes for free in battle, they are dropped by Wizards from the Wizard’s Tower near Draynor Village.
2. Blue Wizard Hat
This hat is meant to accompany the Blue Wizard Robes, and bestow a slightly more modest two points of both bonus attack and magic defense. Luckily, the hats cost far less than robes, ranging from 400 to 500 gold in the auction house. Wizards also drop these, and so do the much weaker Imps, who reside in towns and under the Karamja Volcano.
3. Dark Wizard Robe
The Dark Wizard Robes give the same bonus that their blue counterparts give, but rarely cost more than 500 gold in the auction house, and are also more common, being dropped by Dark Wizards in the Dark Wizard Tower near the Crafting Guild, as well as by Shadow Warriors in the Legends’ Guild, and by Ankou in Forinthry Dungeon.
Dark Wizard Hat
4. The Dark Wizard Hat is essentially the same as the Blue Wizard Hat, but enemies drop them much more frequently, as normal Wizards and Dark Wizards, along with Imps, all drop them. Because they are always available in the auction house, they can generally be bought for less than 200 gold.
When you plan to buy a runescape account, do not consider those who hold these cheapest magic suit, as it can easily be obtained.