Runescape farmer100 is always a good choice for you to begin runescape

There were 139 English runescape servers located all over the world since 2011, and each server allows up to 2,000 players to sign in at the same time. At present, more than 200 million accounts have joined its world! Do you still keep learning this game though your friends? Why not experience the enjoyment of the runescape from now on! Runescape farmer100 is always a good choice for you to do that.

You can choose either a free account or paid account at different combat levels and total levels on farmer100. I recommend the former account for seasoned players while the latter for beginners. Reasons are as follow:

If you have played this game for some time, the paid account will be more complex to continue. As some member skills have been trained by the original owner, though these skills would decrease when you do not intend to pay it then. While, if you are never contacted this game, the free account will be more suitable for you. As it can be controlled easier and do not need the investment after you buy it from runescape farmer100. Certainly, you can change it to a member when you have enough confidence to try other skills.