Farmer100 runescape account is a virtual good online. This kind of product always has a certain risk of purchasing compare to physical products. As virtual goods is a strange concept and objects that exist only online virtual world or game. We must get it with real money from online shop.

Customers can only see the image and introduction of a product when they select virtual goods. However, these images online is different from the actual product in most time. In fact, the real determinant is the merchant credit certificate. Farmer100 have been certified by McAfee SECURE, which is a shield for Websites, scan daily for thousands of hacker vulnerabilities on it.

What should be attention when buy a runescape account on any online sites like RS farmer100?

Please look for the type of account and items owned by it. Make sure any items in the account are included in the sale. After ordering the account, Send the money through a secure program like PayPal after buying the account. Set a time limit for you to receive the account name and password.
The most important thing you should do is change the account password and recovery questions immediately to prevent being hacked. Make your new password strong and secure. I recommend put in a password are letters and together, making it harder to guess.
In addition, runescape accounts on farmer100 are effective. So, never download ‘Runescape Upgrades’. They are keyloggers, viruses and dangerous, that will maybe hack your computer details and personal info while you do not pay attention to.