Farmer100 runescape game service agreement is a part of transaction process.

You must agree with it when you want complete the trade. According to the particularity of trading virtual items in online games, they made the agreement which Farmer100 and all farmer100 runescape customers should respect jointly.

It is a fair agreement for both two sides. Players should put forward their dispute or refund within 6 months, as farmer100 will not deal with dispute which beyond 6 months. Any problem in trading can be directly with help of farmer100 live chat. And you can go to “contact us” if the live chat is off line.

The prudoct and service farmer100 provide for runescape players include: Runescape money, Runescape items, Runescape guides, Runescape powerleveling, Runescape Quest Help and Runescape accounts. Customers can not exchange or refund the items or service which includes runescape money, runescape items, runescape quest help and runescape powerleveling. So you should confirm the information of the order when you buy something on farmer100. It is a common regulation on any online shop.

If you have bought a runescape account, you must login with it and check it is OK for continue playing once you received detail information of it. Certainly, if there is any problem for this account, just contact farmer100 live chat and exchange the runescape account. Farmer100 promise you exchange it in 3 days or refund in one day if you requests.

For any runescape account with member records or recovery questions, rs farmer100 don’t have any responsibility to find the runescape accounts after 14 days, if the runescape accounts is banned, locked or stolen. Runescape farmer100 remind you change the password in one hour when you get the runescape accounts.

Certainly, if the recovery question or password is changed, they will try their best to help their customer to find the account. But they will not take any responsibility whether the runescape accounts can be found.