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As runescape enthusiasts know, we can find damaged armour by digging at the digsite or in the form of scenery. So, have you ever obtained one? If you have the membership, you will not miss such a good chance. Today, Farmer100 runescape workers will tell you some tips for obtaining armounr in Runescape.

Based on farmer100 experience, there are mainly four places you can obtain the runescape armounr. The first place is the ogre coffins. Farmer100 live chat said runescape players can pick up the damaged armour on ogre coffins during the zofre flesh eaters quest. At this point, the rs farmer100 players need to unlock jiggig and get the damafed armour from it. If you have a membership, you can have a try. It can increase your account’s experience. If you don’t have membership, don’t worry, you can buy a farmer100 runescape account with membership on farmer100.

The second place you can obtain runescape armour is the digsite. As introduced by the wikia, “the damage runescape armour can be found by digging at the digsite, from the fishing trawler activity, or from pick-pocketing certain monsters”. After picking on soild, runescape players can find damaged armour.

The other two places can find damaged armour is fishing trawler and pickpocketing. If you want to get one, you can go to these places and try your luck. After get the damaged runescape armour, you can repair it in the player-owned house. The rs farmer100 players often talk their game stories with farmer100. If you are also satisfied with farmer100 service, please give farmer100 review a good reputation.