Runescape Farmer100 Takes Responsibility for a Certain period

time to find a wrong Runescape Account sold out.


Runescape farmer100 accounts with serious problem sold in 6 months have always been a chance to be returned. In other words, farmer100 live chat won’t deal with all dispute or refund which beyond 6 months. You should propose the refund, dispute or compensation in six months.


Farmer100 should change the runescape account in 3 days or refund in 1 day if you bought one from farmer100 live chat, but can not get what you have ordered or the complete information of it. Those runescape accounts without recovery questions or member records, the period of farmer100’s responsibility is 3 days. Otherwise it can be extended to 14 days long. The reasons are as follows:


If the runescape account you bought is locked or banned in 14 days, rs farmer100 will need 3 days to investigate the reason. If the reason is the customer doesn’t follow the rules of Jagex, they don’t have any responsibility to exchange a new runescape accounts or refund. However, as a professional game service team, they will try their best to help players to find the runescape account.


If the runescape account is locked or banned for other reasons before you take it in use, they will exchange a new runescape account or refund in 3 days if you requests.

This is a basic common sense that when players get the runescape accounts, he or she must change the password and recovery questions in one hour. Farmer100 lave chat will remember you to do so once you have order one of their goods, and the email send you later will attached with the account note. Game account is different from other goods in online shop. Runescape Farmer100 tries their best to take responsibility for a certain period time to find a wrong runescape account sold out. Hope you happy shopping and have a good time for playing runescape.