RS Farmer100 Recommend Account Mage to Buy

RS Farmer100 provide Mage Account and Mage Playing Guide for Runescape

Rs farmer100 teach beginners how to play runescape, and provide different types of runescape accounts at the same time. Players can get game guide and even buy hard runescape quests on rs farmer100. Different types of character have different strategy to play, those types are melee, mage, range, and pures. A mage is a Runescape magician. Here, farmer100 recommend account Mage for players to buy and give this type character guide.

Any player can become a mage simply by focusing on those quests and skills that will increase her magic level. Mages have many abilities and tools that make them valuable in combat, including healing skills. Things you need are high magic level runescape account on rs farmer100 and Wizard’s robe, hat, skirt, amulet and staf.

Visit the magic combat tutor to the north of Lumbridge Castle in runescape. Click on the tutor to hear tips on using magic in combat.  And then choose the “Claim Magic Combat Tutor” option to receive 30 Air runes and 30 Earth runes. You’ll need to speak with Duke Horatio in Lumbridge Castle to begin the Rune Mysteries quest. Play the quest Imp Catcher though buying the four beads demanded by the Head Wizard .

peak with the NPC witch named Hetty and accept the quest Witch’s Potion from him. You’ll need a great deal of mining to make your runescape account. Keep mining rune essence until the inventory full. Get a magic staff by making one and make an amulet of magic to increase your character’s points. If you do not want to finish the quest by yourself, rs farmer100 can provide hard quest help. In other words, you can order a service of buying farmer100 runescape quests help.

In addition, the fire strike may be your best spell to use. Do not using your strongest spells when building mage level, as it costs a lot to replace your most expensive runes. Runescape farmer100 provide gold for you which you will definitely need to build a mage pure, so you can replace your runes.