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RS farmer100 share this quest description with you that Bob the cat has wandered the fields of RuneScape for years, confusing those around him with his random meows but who is this social enigma? Unferth the unfortunate local of Burthorpe has sadly left his garden gate open one time too many, and Bob has gone missing. Many rumours have spread round about who, what or why he is, but nobody truly knows the truth or do they?

To finish this task, you will need items Cat or Kitten, Catspeak Amulet. There are two choices that you can choose when you have both these two items. You can read the farmer100 runescape guide of A tail of Two cats or just give your runescape account to farmer100 runescape professional farmers. They will help you finish it in short time as they are good at completing different quests and finish this quest more than once.

The rewards of finished the A Tail of Two Cats are 2 Quest Points, Two Antique Lamps, Mouse Toy. And the Start Point is Speak to Unferth, who lives in his house in Burthorpe. The difficulty is just 1 among all quests. Though runescape farmer100 assess, it will cost you $14 and 90 minutes by farmers. Certainly, it is only a task that members can take over. If your runescape account is non-paid, just choose those quest for sale that can be done with free members.

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