Are you a newbie on runescape? If you are, you must want to know more about ranged, melee and magic. Today, runescape farmer100 will tell you the details with you.

First, ranged allows players to attack enemies from a distance. Ranged armour is capable of defending against light attacks, but it weak against close-combat.

Unlike ranged, melee refers to hand-to hand combat, that is in short distance. Melee armour is usually made from metal which making this type of armour strong, but heavy. Melee does not include long-range attacks. Many players like melee combat. It is said melee is more than 2x as popular than magic and ranged combat combined. The reason is that players don’t need always to buy arrows or runes for fight. What’s more, melee has a better choice of weapons and armour. On RS farmer100, there are many melee accounts for sell.

Finally, magic is a highly versatile skill. It is used to cast various spells, utilizing the power of runes. In combat, magic players can damage their opponents from a safe distance. Magic Armour is not “armour” per se. It is more in the line of robes and other similar garments, but there are a number of more protective magic items. Some of these items give a bonus to your magic defensive levels which can be seen in the armoury tab.

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