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The third one is Draynor Village. You can start the quest “Ernest the Chicken” and “Vampire Slayer” from Draynor Village. It is located west from Lumbridge.

Veronica is walking back and forth outside the ‘Dranor Manor’ north from the house where you started the ‘Vampire Slayer” quest. You can start “Ernest the Chicken” quest by talking to Veronica.

Below the house where you started the “Vampire Slayer” quest is where you can find Ned. A bank is the easiest and nearest one located here. A prison is located east from the bank. A market is located left from the bank where you may buy toy horses.

The last one is Lumbridge. Lunbridge is the spot where you spawn after you died. It is also the place where you start after the tutorial. You can start Cooks’ Assistant, Rune Mysteries, Restless Ghost quests here.

Inside the castle to start the “Cook’s Assistant” quest, the climb upstairs. Head to the road located in your east, then stop on the intersection. Go the north road to get milk from the cows. After that, go back near the gates of the castle and head to the north road. You will pass the store. Then, you will find another quest, the “Sheep Shearer” quest. You can find a free shear spawning near the farmer’s house near the wheat field.

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