If you are a runescape fan, you must know the runescape news. Runescape has a new milestone now—-the number of runescape players has exceeded 200 million. Good news, isn’t it? Now, on runescape farmer100, farmer100 live chat wants to share more details with you.

RuneScape official website recently officially announced that number of game users has broken 200 million. Autonomous development and the operation the game of United Kingdom manufacturers Jagex in more than 10 years kept on game for transformation, and update. At the same time, it also grows from an only 29 employees work room to a large enterprise with over 450 employees.

In celebration of the game’s official website, you can see player’s rs account statistics page of the topic number growing. The bottom of the page in the form of scrolls recalled the game in more than 10 years to update important contents.

At Edinburgh interactive seminar, the Jagex CEO summarized the reasons why the company succeeds in RuneScape, stressed the importance of elements and multiplayer games players community.

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