Do you know the interesting runescape quest— Big Chompy Bird Hunting? There are various quests you can play on runescape, this quest is interesting. On farmer100, here are the steps to help you complete this.

1. Speak with Rantz in Feldip Hills. This is southeast of Yanille. Make some Ogre Arrows by combining Achey Tree Shafts, Wolf Bone Tips and Feathers. You will need to use a chisel on the wolf bones to make the tips.

2. Return to Rantz and ask him about bait for the Chompy birds. Go talk to Fycie and Bugs in teh cave north of Rantz.

3. Loot the Ogre Bellows from the chest in the northwest of Fycie and Bugs cave. Go to the swamp west of Rantz and use the Ogre Bellows on the bubbles in the swamp…

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