Is it safe to buy runescape accounts online? Farmer100 believes there are over 30% people got hacked after they bought runescape accounts from sites.

Most buyers have no idea of accounts recovering until they got hacked. There are lots of cheap runescape accounts for selling in the market, and many players need them urgently. Then how do we prevent being hacked after we buy farmer100 runescape accounts? You can do following things:

First, choose legit site to make deals, it is the most important part. There are lots of runescape accounts sale site, but the most secure seller is rs farmer100. Farmer100 safe promises 100% security to every runescape account.

Then you should verify account details, you need to ask for full account details from seller, and be sure they are working well on account recovery, so that you won’t lose account even if you got hacked.

It is necessary to set recovery question answers, registered email to your runescape farmer100 accounts: This way could enhance the account security, and remember that never share account details with anyone no matter who he/she is.

Never buy large amount of runescape gold unless you have accounts more than 3 month. Most scammer would recover accounts in 1 to 3 month, if your account security last for 3 months, then you may have it forever.