In my opinion, all of us we have been scammed at least once. You haven’t? May be it just the reason of time giving?

Scamming is the action of stealing items, accounts and gold from another player through trickery or deception. And most scams involve tricking a victim in one way or another to steal players’ items. Players who have been hacked can report for scamming. Some scammers have taken to using these worlds to avoid the warnings that Jagex has put in the world for your account safety. Certainly, paid antivirus software will be better as your adjuvant. Also remember that those new accounts can not be trusted. Buying runescape accounts with rare items from very low leveled people is risky. Keep account information secure. Only enter it into the official website and don’t tell anyone else your password, email address or recovery questions.

We have to keep vigilant to make our runescape account safe and fun at all times.