Guthix dies. Oh what a shame… i’ll just sell his favorite foods and use it as an excuse to put robes on a wheel and hope to make massive profit from sad adventures. scumbag yelps.

Already got the stupid first age ring meh guess Ill spin for the full set and keep hoping for the 200m which I can always make easy at growts lol. When will there be an update on zamorak or saradomin? Sell runescape accounts Bring out a quest on the other gods and name these quest “god quest” and make them harder and longer then grand/ master quest. I want something that will puzzle me ab really mess with my mind. Yo feel me?

I’ve always wanted a dragon scimmy, ever since the real 07. However, as y’all know, being able to wield it requires not only 60 attack (this part I can get easily) but the completion of a quest called Monkey Madness and its two prereqs, called The Grand Tree and Tree Gnome Village. All 3 of these quests, as you know, involve very powerful final bosses. Yet, just now, buy runescape accounts on the Internet, I saw a melee warrior at combat level 54 who was somehow wielding a dragon scimmy. So, my question to you is, how the hell did he do that?

Mix of luck, food, and safe spots when available.

Bosses aren’t too hard. Mostly depends on equipment. Go for max offense (or if available a safe spot), take food that will heal most of your hp, and buy a dozen or so pots.

Since your main expense will be your weapon death should be cheap (food/a couple pots/bad armour). It may take one try or a dozen, but with planning and a little (or no) luck you should be fine.

Guthix was a very sad man, after waking up from his slumber and seeing the humans fight over gods it destroyed his will to live, in the end guthix wanted to be with his people he had lost so long ago and seeing how his pure world with his humans and other creatures crumbled, It created a way out for him.