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looking forward to next armor on Runescape

As for these armor styles, I suppose it all comes down to how they are tweaking the hit chances. If our armor rating (and level) will actually make a significant difference to how often and how hard we get hit then it might well be the case that defensive PoP armour will be best in the game for Bossing, whereas Next armor might be best for slaying weaker beasts. And then I will be pleased to buy runescape accounts or not who knows? I truly hope they don’t make all ‘Non-offensive’ totally useless and undesireable.
I agree it is frustrating that they keep changing the armor system. I think many people are getting totally sick and tired of it. Change is one thing.. adding new content…. but fiddling with the same thing over and over again makes it look like there’s a group of monkeys with typewriters in charge trying to write Shakespeare.

I’m definitely looking forward to instanced God Wars dungeons. The Kill Count saver will be very useful. A harder mode being released is also cool for stronger players, which may help the regular boss areas to become less crowded (therefore, a 200K fee won’t even be needed). Regarding hit chances and the new armor system – we’ll see how it goes . Those God Wars updates are really awesome, specially the part about personal rooms, so you no longer can get crashed. It’s was a really clever idea, I’m proud of that as I can earn from Runescape accounts for sale.

I hope they’ll be implemented into the live game as soon as possible.

Plus, a big hooray for orchestrated RuneScape music! I keep my sounds on a majority of the time, and they really do help me get into the feel of the game. Less computerized and more realistic tunes should be really epic.


I won’t be entering any artwork, but my vote is all for the dwarves.
I’m looking forwards to seeing some of the players entries. We have some pretty amazing artists among us. It makes me wish I was better at drawing.

Good luck to all who do decide to enter!
Remember who buy rs account to do your best, because your art will influence the decision of which of the three quests will be chosen.

runescape needs more non-PK world

As it stands, the wildy is just one big ass waste of space for me. I’m no pker, was never into taking other player’s items, nor was I a fan of losing my items to other players.

However I actually went to the wildy quite often back when pking was replaced with revs. I used to take regular trips with my friends to go rev hunting, and I even did my slayer tasks there just for some added fun. So if Jagex did release pk free worlds, I’d love it if they’d allow revs to roam all over the wild like they once did. But they should offer the old crappy drops they had back then as well, so the pvp gear they currently drop doesn’t crash in value.

I don’t like EoC

I mostly dislike EoC (even though I currently have the powerhouse weapons), but I don’t dislike it because it’s a change to the system. No, it goes far beyond that. I dislike EoC because it was implemented so poorly and without community approval. It was forced into the game (like some other updates, Demon Slayer rework, for example), despite the majority of the player base stating it still needed work before release. Sometimes, I doubt whether it is right to buy runescape accounts . 

The core mechanics need to change. Otherwise, the game will continue to be the players with the deepest pockets thrive.

I think that the community made the choice. Some play Old School, others play EOC. So, your question is kind of in between two forums.

But, for the record, I like EOC. Just because of this, I don’t sell runescape accounts.

Personally, as a long time player of this game, I strongly dislike EOC and I’m extremely happy they have the Old School servers. I would like to hear the community’s opinion on EoC。
like the idea of it, but it was poorly made since they refused to hold a decent Beta for it and ended up releasing it 6+ months before it was ready.

Also, when they released Drygores without level 90 weapons for Magic and Ranged, and then left it that way for 3 going on 4 months, that was a huge blow to the EoC in my opinion.

The price of gold dropped in China

Recently, the price of gold dropped in China. Many citizens grasp this chance to buy lots of gold as investment.



In China, the price of gold dropped by the daily limit for two consecutive days on April 15 and 16 on the Shanghai Gold Exchange following a slump in international prices. Gold jewelry stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and Nanjing reported gold jewelry and bullion bulk buying.

Most rare charm on runescape

Crimson is the most rare charm on runescape, make your efforts to get one!


a downloadable client for HTML5

I was really dissapointed to hear that there would not be a downloadable client for HTML5 at the final release of it. i really enjoy having that shortcut on my destkop to an acctual client like all my other games. got more space and it feels more open like a game should. Because then I won’t have to look at my bookmarks and so on. please make a downloadable client, it runs better , buy runescape accounts, looks better and feels more like a game.

Just got a quick question after watching this video; Will I do fine in the BETA, performance wise, with my intel i3 and GT 330M card from NVidia?

Is the email just to inform you that you have been accepted as a beta tester or do you have to access the beta through the email you give us?

Will a ATI Radeon HD 5570 be strong enough to run HTML5 with max settings or will I need to sell and buy runescape accounts lower my settings. What I’m asking is what level will I be able to use medium or will I be able to use everything at max?

rawn pixelLineWidth 0″/> . Is the great content Mod Mark said you’d be releasing coming with the beta already or will it be purely HTML5 testing by the players without any other content features?? Just wanted to know if you’d be giving some content teasers or beta’s lol. I would really like to know what you’ve got scheduled.

The beta starting tomorrow will just be the HTML5 client. It’s running on the live servers, so it’ll only have everything that’s on the live servers currently, no extra content. There will also be an alpha for the new interface system starting next week (running on dedicated beta servers similar to the EoC beta, NOT on the live servers), and there may be other betas in the future to test said new content, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Having quite a low end PC the client provides me with stability and allows me to have better graphics than on the browser, however it was said that there won’t be a HTML5 client which disappoints me as I was really looking forward to it.