If you are wondering how to gain more slayer xp, congratulate to you! This article is short though, it is useful for you to gain a decent amount of slayer XP.

Have you know Slayer Master before? If not, you can read Slayer masters

Often, people go straight to the Slayer Master, Turael. You’ve probably seen him around in Burthorpe. Stay clear of him because usually, the tasks that he will give you are simple and generate a small amount of EXP.

If you want to get the most slayer exp, you should make sure you are the only slayer who is attacking monsters. The more slayers, less exp points given to you as the points will be given based on the number of slayers that are attacking the monster. If you want to gain easy slayer exp, you can find some monsters that have been attacked and nearly to die, can you can get exp once it dies. If you see some low level players with new runescape accounts, you can go close to it without afraid of heavy retaliation. As weaker players are less likely to defeat the monsters completely, they just weaken it. Then you can go to kill it to gain generous xp. Additional, low level players may spend long time to kill monsters as they leave less damage for each attack. You can make use of this point to help them kill it and earn a decent of money from selling runescape accounts if your slayer trained to 99 or above.

Hope you can have fun on your way training Slayer.