Do you waiting for EoC update for a long time?

This month EoC update will cheer all players up. A new combat system will display this month, coming together with some hot discussions on the Runescape forums and in-game. If you want to talk about this, you can feel free to leave you comments.

First of all, Jagex are now making hard-earned stats mean far more on combat, which means if you have best stats, you are able to have prestigious advantages over those who don’t and all monsters and creatures you killed will suffer full force for you Combat. Armor stats are changing to bring back the choice between offensive and defensive armor. Armor will be divided into defensive, offensive or hybrid gear. And all of them will be optimized with stats to match. This change is available for players who ever buy rs account from runescape accounts selling, runescape account for sale, or from official websites, even if you just have a free runescape account.

Some game programs will be improved with the EoC upates to control basic hit chances. If you don’t want to miss a whole combat experience, you can buy rs account to enjoy amazing combat experience since April, 2013.

All these changes are based on players’ feedback.