If you are non-members of Runescape without paid runescape account, you are only accessible to F2P world and it is not so easy to find fast and effective way to earn rs gold. This article is some of my ideas to earn rs gold, which is not suitable for members that buy runescape account as members of RS.

Here I introduces an easy way for free players to earn a fair amount of rs money in Runescape.

If you have high level cooking and fishing, you can make money from what you have caught and sell them for rs money. Each cooked lobster can be sold for 200 coins. If you could find some players who are thirsty for cooked lobster, you can sell each for 250 coins. The idea place to catch lobsters is Karamja that is accessible for free players. Other places are not accessible for free players who don’t buy rs account. In addition, you need spend 60 gold coins to go to Port Sarim as you need to catch a boat to reach Karamja. Or you can drop the burnt lobsters and head over to Draynor bank.

What are you waiting? Just have a try!