In R.S’s case, the population is shrinking/maintaining now, so prices are rising due to many people having an excess of cash, over when 10k was a lot to people like me.
In short, we need a money sink. And cosmetic items suck.

To the argument earlier on in the thread, yes the economy is in rough shape because of how much gold is being generated from the SoF, but it also gets dropped from monsters, among other things like Quests.

Sometimes, you have to be members in Runescape. Runescape accounts for sale are cheap if you want to be members of Runescape.

When General Stores had a use, they would also generate money, this was bound to happen to our economy, and it will happen in the 07 servers, especially since people already had dragon weapons within the first week of 07. With no money sink besides Spirit Shards and Construction Supplies that you basically are forced to buy from NPCs if you want to train a skill, economies get ruined. If you can level high runescape character, just sell runescape accounts to earn money. It’s why when governments make new bills/coins, they burn/recycle/melt down the old ones that are ruined in some way. It controls the flow of cash in a country, and is why economies can go sour because of the increased poverty in a country, due to the increased population, with the same amount of money 10 years ago.