I think a good sales pitch would be to have every one be a member for a day or two cheap runescape accounts to show free members wat its like to be a mem. You can extend paying members trials too.that way u encourgae more people to suscibe.

I want all bot gone ASAP jadex and its not fair we work extremly hard while botters dont even have to work.
Please resolve this matter and release that new bot killing device.
Also i am partially mad still about bot nuke day it got kid of my 700k in bank so i only had 10k after and its hard to make money i only have around 140k now.

Yesterday I complained about the price increase selling runescape accounts. I would just like to say, after playing in high detail for the first time (upgraded computer), the graphics are stunning. I am actually very impressed, and the price is a small amount for such a detailed, quest enriched, and large-scaled game. Plus, I can play it at work Good job Jagex, Smart move on the price increase.