The rules for April’s $10,000 prize draw are changing. Any player who is part of a clan on the 30th of April using the new clan system (coming on the 12th of April) will be entered into a prize draw. 10 players will be drawn on the 2nd of M…It’s the new clan updates that arrive on cheap runescape accounts on the 12th April. The clans will have to register to become an official clan. The Clan I’m a leader of (Halcyon clan) will be registered by then. The new clan updates are truely going to be awesome . There’s never been a better time to be in a clan

I am really unhappy with this change. Some of us do NOT want to be in a clan. You have now taken an opportunity away from those of us who choose not to be in a clan. Very pissy thing to do, especially when I’m sure many of us renewed our subscriptions for several months and now have no chance selling runescape accounts for the 10K.