Mod Mat K is here to share a new edition of the Old School Dev Blog! When will Bot nuke happen to 07? bots already destroyed the fishing economy and woodcutting economy you people need to start paying more attention on destroying these bots i bet there bots making more money then a high employ at jagex.  Runescape 2007 server poll currently did not make the poll for free 2007 for free users. They pretty much said if they get 500,00k votes then they will give 2007 to free users without charge.
“Please don’t blame runescape they are here to help not to cause problems or buy cheap runescape accounts.” Thanks

Give mods a break they have been helping the community. They have been doing a lot of bot busting and working on runescape to have a great wonderful experience with the community please let them do their job and enjoy playing runescape or selling runescape accounts what has been done is been done thank you