Just to give you an update on the referendum. So far we had more than 622,000 votes. 90% of the people, who voted said “Yes” to the Free Trade And Wilderness Update, 8% said “No” and 2% said that they “Don’t mind”. Looks like a tendency, do…hey gang I have a question for you and when it is that of the unlimited exchange of wild lands and go to buy runescape account unroll because I really hate to participate. seriously do you have to be so vulgar?
i look at your picture and i tell that you are a hopeless gangster that will fail in life. and it’s okay i understand, westerners always do before they think, and end up regretting it.
So good luck people, i won’t play much this yr coz i got O levels in oct.

agex i want you all to think about why you decided to remove free trad…e and wilderness years ago. Now you bring it back, it will actually cause more harm than good.

As the saying goes: “Good Leaders do what is right for the people and NOT what is popular among the people”. Years ago, you were  selling runescape accounts good leaders and did what is right for the runescape players by removing free trade and wildy. What’s with the sudden change? Why did you all become bad leaders now? Are you so bored that you all have fewer people to ban now due to scamming and stuff, that you all decided to bring it back?

Think about it Jagex. By bringing free trade and wildy back, chaos and disorder will reign once more.