You didn’t took 300 pep, just 1, and, I remember I time called “no free trade and wilderness” in which pep wouldn’t stop complaining about the change from free to no free and that it was killing game, even tough the reason for said change was that the game was dying in the first place, then, despite that, jagex went ahead and brought it back thx to the votes of actual whiners that could still play the exact same duel arena without the cheap shots of tricking pep in gamblin their whole bank, then, after the whiners got what they wanted, they just left behind the game they suposedly shaped, then, for the sake of keeping it, jagex actually started killing good game content so they don’t have to step back, and you “eoc’s” have it against pep against eoc even tough you can see from pluto that the game is dying?

So, what then? the cb is still broken and after the initial gimmick of conditions is gone, everything is back to normal and rs has yet more dead content, and, btw, u don’t change the bulb so u can see better in the room, if the room is too big, u take a bulb as good as the first one and put it on an strategic spot, what’s the point of changing a white light for a yellow light? same space covered, same strength, sigh, at least try to make credible metaphors.

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