I mostly dislike EoC (even though I currently have the powerhouse weapons), but I don’t dislike it because it’s a change to the system. No, it goes far beyond that. I dislike EoC because it was implemented so poorly and without community approval. It was forced into the game (like some other updates, Demon Slayer rework, for example), despite the majority of the player base stating it still needed work before release. Sometimes, I doubt whether it is right to buy runescape accounts . 

The core mechanics need to change. Otherwise, the game will continue to be the players with the deepest pockets thrive.

I think that the community made the choice. Some play Old School, others play EOC. So, your question is kind of in between two forums.

But, for the record, I like EOC. Just because of this, I don’t sell runescape accounts.

Personally, as a long time player of this game, I strongly dislike EOC and I’m extremely happy they have the Old School servers. I would like to hear the community’s opinion on EoC。
like the idea of it, but it was poorly made since they refused to hold a decent Beta for it and ended up releasing it 6+ months before it was ready.

Also, when they released Drygores without level 90 weapons for Magic and Ranged, and then left it that way for 3 going on 4 months, that was a huge blow to the EoC in my opinion.