I don’t have the farm levels to grow the new plants, but they are a great idea. Just having something more to grow will be beneficial for those training farming. Whether to buy runescape accounts or not?

The Nexus sounds like low level content, so I’m not interested in that, but God emmisaries will be worth checking out. Methinks I’ll be joining the Guthix faction, as always.

I am sad that there was no mention to a new pet for Solomons store. I am wondering if Jagex is giving up on pets for the store, or runescape sell accounts :if they are working on more yet to be released.

Not too bad of a month, I suspect that getting HTML 5 out and working is the priority right now.

I don’t know how i feel about this month’s updates. The farming one sounds descent I guess and we are getting lore from God Emissaries but overall this is just one of the worst months this year. Were are all those quests you planned on giving us?