Hi there I have a Tanking monk and can give you some pointers… Gear wise use Blackthorne’s set (armor) , Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band (ring) … I also use Doombringer (sword) as it adds 7% chance to block and 10% to life, Stormshield (shield) with a 9% chance to block ( make sure the chance to block stat on the shield itself is very high, mine is a 34% chance ) and Justice Lanter (ring) +11% chance to block … make sure all your gear has Dex, Vit, Res All and Life Regen Per Sec….. as far as your build spec itself … I use …. Left Click – Crippling Wave + Concussion , Right Click – Serenity + Ascension , 1) Cyclone Strike + Implosion, 2) Sweeping Wind + Cyclone, 3) Breath of Heaven + Blazing Wrath, 4)Mantra of Healing + Time of Need …. Passive Skills I use are Resolve, Pacifism and One With Everything……sell diablo 3 account  I find I can tank most set-up like this even on inferno MP10 but it takes ages to kill the monsters as your a Tank not a damage dealer 🙂

i personally think this is a great class but it does require alot of time learn the “ways” of a monk because they truley are a class like no other i believe that Blizz should focus more on making the AH less expensive because lets face it we all dont have 190mil to buy a one handed mace, put a max on certain items so characters can have the ability to get the gear they need for a reasonable price so those people who arent able to play as much as other because of work or school or other basic things in life that pro gamers get and regular people dont. im just saying its my opinion but like it or reply what ur opinion is because i dont want to feel like im the only peson who thinks this lol GAME HARD BRO’S AND GAL’S