The decision to cross into The Wilderness should lie with you and you entirely. Make the trip into the Wilderness when you’re not ready and you could stand to lose all your items by beingt killed by players stronger than yourself.

Edgeville is an incredibly popular resort town for the battle-hardened. Most of its popularity lies in its location near The Wilderness, as it acts as a hub for adventurers preparing to find riches in the vast player-killing environment to the north.

Edgeville sits in the north-west corner of Misthalin. Directly south is the Barbarian Village, where some semblance of previous ages can be seen. buy runescape account East is Varrock, the capital of Misthalin, the closest point of which is the Grand Exchange, just over the river.

To the west of the town is the Monastery, where adventurers can have their faith restored by the monks – a useful service for those who went into the Wilderness without being properly prepared. With the construction of the wall to prevent the incursion of Wilderness monsters, a safe path to the Monastery has been created for adventurers and residents of Edgeville alike.