Travis Day – Blizzard game designers, who worked in the World of Warcraft design team. Early 2013, he entered the Diablo 3 development team, Jay Willson leave the team, he temporarily became a major development group’s external information publisher.

He has worked at the forum in a simple self-introduction, which mentions Activision have the same name with his people:

I noticed that many people had doubts on this issue, so I quickly came to be for my own clarification. I’m not Activision (Activision) that Travis Day, although I used to occasionally receive the email that sent diablo 3 account, which we were all very happy.

Recently, players heard Travis Day resigned from Activision, which had been a misunderstanding. Blizzard Community Manager for this clarification, Travis Day Blizzard Diablo 3 development team is still working, the two of them are not the same person.
Travis Day and did not leave. Please do not send the wrong message  Diablo 3 items of this kind.
Indeed, Travis Day is still in Blizzard Diablo 3 teams. Some people have heard Travis Day left Activision to sell diablo 3 account, I can understand why they had been a misunderstanding. But Activision Blizzard that Travis Day and Travis Day is not working the same person.