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3 things the expansion needs

This is the GREATEST game ever. IDC about all you haters saying it sucks. Oh wait yes i do. The game is the WORST game ever launched in todays gaming generation.

Yea raising no hell, cant even play our existing character on the new console servers, should at least be able to pay to do it.Can’t friggin wait, my all time favourite game ever. Played and finished 1&2. Hope it’s as good as Diablo 1&2 was in the PC. Killing time, blood and gore! Yippy K ye mother.

Your like the stalker X Girlfriend who is in denial. He doesn’t love Diablo 3 accounts for sale you anymore! It’s over, let the relationship die and move on. Hopefully xpac with intro of new acts, lvl 61-99, 4-6 socket gear, runes/rune words…charms would be cool too, but we dont need everything from d2.

That actually looked good. No AH, 4 players on one console without a split screen. Nice.Blizzard at E3? Uh… don’t they usually Blizzcon instead?? How come its appearing at e3, isn’t that the expo for new and upcoming titles. Not old busted ones ?

I bet their big announcement will be “Diablo 3 will be on the Xbox One!” and that will be it because sell Diablo 3 account there’s not really anything else they can announce.Times I’ve made a new character so far in PoE for -FUN- : 13
Time I made a new character in D3 to try other classes : 2
I couldn’t even stomach trying all the classes, the loot/build/skill/group systems D3 items, AH, and story were and are that bad. 3 things the expansion needs, random maps, better itemization, and a darker atmosphere. Oh and a Paladin class.

“Raise hell” means your ex-fans are going to raise hell in the form of complaints! Better bring an umbrella Blizzard!


Diablo 3 is one year old now

First year I went sucked. Second year I went I had learned what to do and what not to do, It was better than the first time I went, but only okay. Third time I went it wasn’t really any fun. (I had lost the glass eyed yesman attitude of a Blizzard fantic by this point. But I’m still a fan of the gamees with Diablo 3 account.)

I got my charity dinner ticket. 🙂 Good thing too, I’m 80% of the way done with writing a book set in the Starcraft universe and wanted to be able to give a copy to someone at Blizzard in November. Now I get to eat dinner with people from Blizzard. 🙂 Now I just have to talk one of my friends into buying the regular ticket I got Saturday diablo 3 accounts for sale.

I had my hands on tickets on Wednesday but lost them do to credit card issue, but tonight I was successful! I’m going to my very first BLIZZCON!! oh and its for charity..A plus =)
This is why scalpers exist. Just like Gold sellers would not exist if cheats did not keep buying from them. I’m disappointed I missed out considering the logistics of trying to get there from Australia mean I may not get another chance…but I would never buy from a scalper.
I feel like this is stacked against me.. I spam F5 on all three accounts and still no tickets. I was 1000 on the first time and 750 on the second and 210 on the third and no tickets… This is crazy..

If it helps you at all (I know it would me ;0), if you get through and purchase a charity dinner ticket, I would be more than appreciative to purchase your regular ticket for a reasonable value rather than having to see if Blizzard would refund it at all. It would hurt to see a ticket leave play as I’m still personally looking for two.