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Most rare charm on runescape

Crimson is the most rare charm on runescape, make your efforts to get one!



Herblore and Slayer

Herblore is a relatively important skill in Runescape, second to combat and summoning in my opinion. You can train high level Herblore to make some herbs for medicine which can cure you when you get damaged in fight or temporarily increase your abilities to win in the battle.


The slayer is one of the most skills of combat. You can gain some particular slaughter quests to gain more slayer xp. You can wear Runescape Slayer Masks to gain double slayer xp if you are members that pay for runescape accounts for sale monthly.


I highly recommend you wear runescape slayer masks! In addition, you could start your slaughter on Runescape to kill some high level monsters but you should make sure you are able to win the battle. Monsters are with some excellent drops and you can bury them for slayer xp.


If you want to find some useful guides to level high Herblore or Slayer, you can go to Farmer100 news or blog channel. Farmer100 is a professional website providing runesape accounts for sale for all RS gamers.

Farmer100 runescape

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The Advantages of Farmer100

The online business on the one hand gets rid of the barriers of time and space, on the other hand, online business provides a wealth of information resources. It provides more possibilities for the re-combination of various social-economic factors. Farmer100 is a good example of that. Specialized in Runescape account and Runescape gold more than 5 years, farmer100 has the ability to provide the perfect service and awesome virtual goods. It won’t let you down.

First, the online business makes the traditional business processes digitized which can significantly reduce the human, material resources and costs. On the other hand the online business can break the restrictions of time and space, so you can buy or sell a virtual good on Farmer100 at anytime and anywhere via the Internet. The online business can greatly increase efficiency.

Farmer100 has been doing online business since 2007. There are many advantages of online business. For example, you can buy a Runescape account on Farmer100 in home. It is very convenient and fast. Today, I’d like to talk about the advantages of Farmer100.

Second, you can interactive with farmer100 through internet. Enterprises and customers can directly exchange negotiations and get feedbacks. Once you have questions with the products you buy on farmer100, you can contact the farmer100 live chat to get online feedback or timely email. This saves a lot of time and energy.reduces the intermediate process. Farmer100 also has such function. If you buy a farmer100 runescape account, you can directly make business with the company. The online business has changed the entire socio-economic to some extent. Farmer100 reviews this is safer for customers to make a deal on Internet.

Forth, the online business owns the characteristics of openness and worldwide, so it can create more trade opportunities for companies and customers. Farmer100 takes advantages of e-commerce and has run virtual goods for 5 years.Third, online business redefines the traditional circulation mode and


Farmer100 Runescape Pure Accounts

Farmer100 Runescape Pure Account is more suitable for Gamers


Farmer100 runescape provide different kind of rs accounts for players, such as melee, mage, range and other pures. And now, farmer100 runescape has stored a large number of accounts for transactions before Christmas. Which one will be the most suitable gift for game enthusiasts? As the most popular game in teens, runescape can teach the player to learn a lot of life skills. So, it is more than a game but a good teacher and wise friend for teens.


If the object of the gifts is a game enthusiast, farmer100 runescape recommend pure account especially combat pure account as it is more suitable for gamers. To train the character into a combat pure, a player works primarily on raising certain combat skills high. All of the pure accounts on rs farmer100 are trained by other players for a long time. It is a kind an account that cost more time than others, and players can save a lot of time through the purchase of this account. Gamer is different from those common players in any games, they do not want to grind in the game, and can control the character well in any game. Those customers who buy combat pure account on farmer100 are gamer in some kind of games.


The term “pure” on rs farmer100 standing alone most commonly refers to this kind of combat pure. Combat pure is created primarily for the purpose of efficient combat. It trains specific combat skills, while deliberately keeping other combat skills at a minimum. What makes games excited is combat pures hold most relevant for successful combat and are usually made for gamer killing. It is excel against players of a similar combat level in PvP! So, it is a best gift for gamers.


In addition, let the player know runescape farmer100 after bought the account, as he would need some necessary runescape guide on farmer100 once he login in to the game. Farmer100 do best to help players have a good time in the game.


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Farmer100 Website Has Many Good Functions for You


Farmer100 is an e-commerce website and it can provide the whole process service for online transactions and management. The functions include advertising, consulting, online ordering, online payment, electronic account, goods delivery, consultation, transaction management and so on.

Farmer100 website has more than 5 years in virtual goods selling. There are many good functions of it. If you are a new to farmer100, this article will be useful to you.

The online ordering and payment service: if you like what you see on farmer100 review, you can order the goods online. It is very easy and simple. You just need a computer and to choose the goods you want to buy. After you decide, you can pay for it online.

The transaction management: the e-commerce companies will provide a good network environment for customers to make a deal. The transaction management will involve in the whole process of business activities. On farmer100, you can track your order. By using this function, you can check your transaction status and transaction record.There are 4 payment methods on farmer100: moneybookers, bank transfer, paypal, credit card via paypal, western union. Each payment method has its favorable. For example, if you choose to pay your goods by western union, you will get 20% discount for your order. For the detailed information, please visit the

It is very easy to use this function. Register an account on the website, then you can take advantage of this convenient function.

The consulting service: Get any doubt about farmer100? Get feedback and timely solutions by asking the farmer100 live chat. The online service of this website is very goods and very efficient. As long as you come, the live chat staffs will try their best to help you.

The delivery service: After you pay for your goods, you can get the detailed information about it within 24 hours. Farmer100 safe and legit center remind you to change the password and the register email as soon as possible. This is a good way to ensure the security of your accounts.

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Runescape Farmer100: A Tough Quest Help

Runescape Farmer100 provide Desert Treasure Service For Runescape Players


Runescape farmer100 provide not only runescape accounts for sale but also some ancillary services. Have you ever observed accounts show information? If so, you will find that quest display information for every account on farmer100 runescape will tell you if it has completed quest Desert Treasure.


Have you finished this quest? Or are you curious about how to quickly finish it? Farmer100 can do all hard quests for players with little money in short time. You see, desert treasure is a very tough quest, players over level 100 combat have died on it.


Runescape farmer100 provide this quest help and only charge you $28. This quest should not be underestimated as it is extremely long, arduous and difficult to complete. Very few low level players have completed it. However, farmer100 runescape seasoned farmers can finish it in 150 minunts. And you can get rewards as follow: 3 Quest Points. 20,000 Magic XP. Ability to cast Ancient Magicks and use an Ancient Staff.


As is known to farmr100 runescape members, rs farmer100 is a comprehensive game service platform for all players. It was established in 2007 and has helped a lot of players finish their runescape service order. All farmer100 runescape stuffs are seasoned players in runescape and have good ethics in power-leveling and quest help. You can give your account to them and get back it with all the rewards of Desert Treasure. It will make your character rock in the game!


Even if you can not afford the money of get this quest help, you can choose those cheap quest help, such as A Soul’s Bane at $5, Animal Magnetism at $6 and Big Chompy Bird Hunting at $9. At the same time, there is a free way to get the rewards. Runescape farmer100 provide free game guide for all players whether you buy goods or services on farmer100.




Runescape Farmer100 most difficult Quest Help in Runescape

Runescape Farmer100 treat Mokey Madness as the Most Difficult Quest


What is the most difficult quest in runescape? Runescape farmer100 treat Monkey Madness as the best. You can compare the price of quest help on runescape farmer100, it is the highest price among all quest help service.

Certainly, farmer100 runescape service are cheap and safe all the time, even the most expensive quest help is sell at only $31. What are you waiting for? Visit and choose the “Buy Runescape Quest” at top left of this site. You can easily order this quest, and farmer100 runescape seasoned farmers will finish it in 150 minutes.

Why farmer100 regard it as the most difficult? As a member only quest, the rewards can be 3 Quest Points; Training Strength and Stamina: 20,000 Attack XP, 35,000 Strength XP, 20,000 Defence XP, 35,000 Hitpoints XP, 3 Cut diamonds;  Training attack & defence: 35,000 Attack XP, 20,000 Strength XP, 35,000 Defence XP, and 20,000 Hitpoints XP; and 10,000 gold at the same time! The difficulty is officially recognized as 5.

There is a lot of controversy in voting the most difficult task in the game. Perhaps you have heard that it is Desert Treasure, Recipe for Disaster or DT. Yes, those quests are not that easy to finish for all the players. In fact, there is no official evidence to decide which one is the hardest. Runescape farmer100 just give a reference for quest help service. After all, there will be one thousand Hamlet in one thousand readers. And you can choose Quest Desert Treasure, Recipe for Disaster or DT as the most difficult in your mind. RS farmer100 also provide these quest help with even cheaper price.

It needs 9 steps to complete Monkey Madness. Once you Speak to King Narnode Shareen and tell him what happened. He will say good work, and tell you to speak to Daero for training. Farmer100 runescape farmers are excellent games who are good at help you do these hard quest, You can give your account to them as they have help lots of players completed their quests in short time.