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Make rs money via Magic

Magic will be a big rs money maker. High alching will bring you gp and experience, as not many can high alch they will give you a slight profit for alching their items.

D’hide Vambrace
D’hide chaps
D’hide body

Maple longbow
Yew longbow
Magic longbow

Are some things you will be able to high alch, early on the bows.

Combat magic, getting fire strikes to take down black demons may reap you some good rewards, such as rune armor or weps. They can be safe spotted so they will be better to kill then lesser demons and you can know it is easy to get cheap rs gold.

Magic will also be pretty powerful in the wilderness early on, teamed up with a few more mages and you could be rather deadly. But the rewards may be very slim in the beggining.


useful mini quests on Runescape

Varrock Museum Mini-quest

Notable Rewards:
– 1000 Slayer Experience
– 1000 Hunter Experience
– You can do this mini-quest at level 3 by speaking to Orlando Smith in the basement of the Varrock Museum. It’s a great way of boosting your slayer and hunter from 1-9 with near to no effort rs gold.

– N/A

The Curse of Zaros Mini-quest

Notable Rewards
– Ghostly Robes
– This mini-quest is different for everyone and lets you get Ghostly Robes and Runescape gold; a set of robes that give a good magic attack bonus and can be picked up after death, making them very useful for PKing.
– 31 Prayer (for the hood, only if you have to visit the Monastery)
– Started The Restless Ghost for the Ghostspeak Amulet
– Started Desert Treasure for the Visibility Ring
Murder Mystery

Notable Rewards:
– 2000 Coins
– 1406 Crafting
– This quest is a good kick-start to crafting and the experience reward is enough to level you from 1-11. Finishing this quest also rewards 2000 coins, which is quite a lot for a quest this short and easy.
– N/A

runescape needs more non-PK world

As it stands, the wildy is just one big ass waste of space for me. I’m no pker, was never into taking other player’s items, nor was I a fan of losing my items to other players.

However I actually went to the wildy quite often back when pking was replaced with revs. I used to take regular trips with my friends to go rev hunting, and I even did my slayer tasks there just for some added fun. So if Jagex did release pk free worlds, I’d love it if they’d allow revs to roam all over the wild like they once did. But they should offer the old crappy drops they had back then as well, so the pvp gear they currently drop doesn’t crash in value.

Old School Dev Blog

Mod Mat K is here to share a new edition of the Old School Dev Blog! When will Bot nuke happen to 07? bots already destroyed the fishing economy and woodcutting economy you people need to start paying more attention on destroying these bots i bet there bots making more money then a high employ at jagex.  Runescape 2007 server poll currently did not make the poll for free 2007 for free users. They pretty much said if they get 500,00k votes then they will give 2007 to free users without charge.
“Please don’t blame runescape they are here to help not to cause problems or buy cheap runescape accounts.” Thanks

Give mods a break they have been helping the community. They have been doing a lot of bot busting and working on runescape to have a great wonderful experience with the community please let them do their job and enjoy playing runescape or selling runescape accounts what has been done is been done thank you

Cosmetic content is getting irritating

In R.S’s case, the population is shrinking/maintaining now, so prices are rising due to many people having an excess of cash, over when 10k was a lot to people like me.
In short, we need a money sink. And cosmetic items suck.

To the argument earlier on in the thread, yes the economy is in rough shape because of how much gold is being generated from the SoF, but it also gets dropped from monsters, among other things like Quests.

Sometimes, you have to be members in Runescape. Runescape accounts for sale are cheap if you want to be members of Runescape.

When General Stores had a use, they would also generate money, this was bound to happen to our economy, and it will happen in the 07 servers, especially since people already had dragon weapons within the first week of 07. With no money sink besides Spirit Shards and Construction Supplies that you basically are forced to buy from NPCs if you want to train a skill, economies get ruined. If you can level high runescape character, just sell runescape accounts to earn money. It’s why when governments make new bills/coins, they burn/recycle/melt down the old ones that are ruined in some way. It controls the flow of cash in a country, and is why economies can go sour because of the increased poverty in a country, due to the increased population, with the same amount of money 10 years ago.

Warrior def

Warrior def are very annoying to other pkers because of their defense. Fortunately for mages, they do not hit high def and has no importance for mages, since they usually hit anyway. Standard armor rune rune fully understands and chain instead of rune plate body in case they have not dragon slayer quest. Rune scimitars are the most common weapons for them, but long swords have a better chance of hitting the opponent. Def bring some noobs rune 2-hands to do the combo. Amulet of strength, defense, or the power is recommended. I recommend adamant armor because its very cheap compared to runes and done much def. Mages cannot very well against categorical versus rune, even if they continue to strike. It is recommended to also bring the body armor as leather range so they can get defense against mage.

Get Slayer EXP

If you are wondering how to gain more slayer xp, congratulate to you! This article is short though, it is useful for you to gain a decent amount of slayer XP.

Have you know Slayer Master before? If not, you can read Slayer masters

Often, people go straight to the Slayer Master, Turael. You’ve probably seen him around in Burthorpe. Stay clear of him because usually, the tasks that he will give you are simple and generate a small amount of EXP.

If you want to get the most slayer exp, you should make sure you are the only slayer who is attacking monsters. The more slayers, less exp points given to you as the points will be given based on the number of slayers that are attacking the monster. If you want to gain easy slayer exp, you can find some monsters that have been attacked and nearly to die, can you can get exp once it dies. If you see some low level players with new runescape accounts, you can go close to it without afraid of heavy retaliation. As weaker players are less likely to defeat the monsters completely, they just weaken it. Then you can go to kill it to gain generous xp. Additional, low level players may spend long time to kill monsters as they leave less damage for each attack. You can make use of this point to help them kill it and earn a decent of money from selling runescape accounts if your slayer trained to 99 or above.

Hope you can have fun on your way training Slayer.