I was really dissapointed to hear that there would not be a downloadable client for HTML5 at the final release of it. i really enjoy having that shortcut on my destkop to an acctual client like all my other games. got more space and it feels more open like a game should. Because then I won’t have to look at my bookmarks and so on. please make a downloadable client, it runs better , buy runescape accounts, looks better and feels more like a game.

Just got a quick question after watching this video; Will I do fine in the BETA, performance wise, with my intel i3 and GT 330M card from NVidia?

Is the email just to inform you that you have been accepted as a beta tester or do you have to access the beta through the email you give us?

Will a ATI Radeon HD 5570 be strong enough to run HTML5 with max settings or will I need to sell and buy runescape accounts lower my settings. What I’m asking is what level will I be able to use medium or will I be able to use everything at max?

rawn pixelLineWidth 0″/> . Is the great content Mod Mark said you’d be releasing coming with the beta already or will it be purely HTML5 testing by the players without any other content features?? Just wanted to know if you’d be giving some content teasers or beta’s lol. I would really like to know what you’ve got scheduled.

The beta starting tomorrow will just be the HTML5 client. It’s running on the live servers, so it’ll only have everything that’s on the live servers currently, no extra content. There will also be an alpha for the new interface system starting next week (running on dedicated beta servers similar to the EoC beta, NOT on the live servers), and there may be other betas in the future to test said new content, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Having quite a low end PC the client provides me with stability and allows me to have better graphics than on the browser, however it was said that there won’t be a HTML5 client which disappoints me as I was really looking forward to it.