Having done RoTM my Edge appears to be after the God Wars, destroyed – so what age is my Edgeville in?
If I had not done RoTM my Edge would appear fine and healthy – so what age is that Edge in?

Both versions of Edge got the message of the the death of Guthix with crying trees after TWW…if they are in different Ages, how does this work?

If a destroyed Edge (post RoTM) represents a different Age (after the God Wars) does this mean that a Gods can not enter Edge until something changes…as the edicts still stand? You need to buy runescape accounts to join God Wars., not just own millions of rs gold.

Could we see more story relating to this guy, even if indirectly involved? For the work he does, he’s very under-rated.


Also, I feel werewolves and other less-civilized races are lacking lore.

Now that the main continent appears to be complete, will we see another one any time soon?