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Runescape farmer100 provides game items safely

Is it safe to buy runescape accounts online? Farmer100 believes there are over 30% people got hacked after they bought runescape accounts from sites.

Most buyers have no idea of accounts recovering until they got hacked. There are lots of cheap runescape accounts for selling in the market, and many players need them urgently. Then how do we prevent being hacked after we buy farmer100 runescape accounts? You can do following things:

First, choose legit site to make deals, it is the most important part. There are lots of runescape accounts sale site, but the most secure seller is rs farmer100. Farmer100 safe promises 100% security to every runescape account.

Then you should verify account details, you need to ask for full account details from seller, and be sure they are working well on account recovery, so that you won’t lose account even if you got hacked.

It is necessary to set recovery question answers, registered email to your runescape farmer100 accounts: This way could enhance the account security, and remember that never share account details with anyone no matter who he/she is.

Never buy large amount of runescape gold unless you have accounts more than 3 month. Most scammer would recover accounts in 1 to 3 month, if your account security last for 3 months, then you may have it forever.



How to make planks on runescape? Now farmer100 live chat shares the tips:

First, you should buy or make some planks and nails. Get a saw and a hammer.

Second, you should make a parlor room, and build all the furniture that you can.

Third, continue building everything you can in each room (always build your best room that you can and try not to build more than one of each room unless you can afford it/want it).  Do this until you can build a workroom with your rs farmer100 account.

Finally, you should…

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RS farmer100 gold-making guides

Want to make as much Runescape gold as you can? In this article, farmers are going to talk about some rs farmer100 gold-making guides

The important thing is that you should collect a huge number of cow hides so that you can sell them to earn gold. Indeed, it is better to access some top secrets which can teach players to learn the ways of making virtual money. Many experienced farmers on farmer100 are engaged in writing secrets or guides in Runescape. They know the game well.

You should read the strategies at first. It is essential to learn high skills and high combat. But lack of gold will make the game harder to get through. Your first choice in the gaming is to slay cows for cowhide which is worth more than one hundred each. After you get it, you can make your combat up a little. A lot of rich players who have to get a fast boost in their crafting level utilized the cowhide. There are 3 best cow pens among all in Runescape.

In the place near Lumbridge, you will find plenty of ripe cows for you to cut down. However, it is generally more crowded than the other two. It is easy to get there. You can set off more crowded than the other, and then go to walk east until you see a bridge. After you see that, you can go cross the bridge. The cows will be seen in the side of the paved road north that you follow.

Falador is also a good place. Follow the direction; you will be able to collect your cowhides. South of Falador is the final place. Lots of gold will be earned for your cheap farmer100 runescape account if you have mastered all the skills.

Happy game time!

RS farmer100—A new milestone (1)

Published by UK’s Jagex Games Studio, “RuneScape” has just hit a new milestone: the 200 millionth account has been created (though “active” users stand at about 10 million).

In order to help commemorate the world’s largest free MMORPG – as recognized by Guinness World Records, USA TODAY caught up with Mark Ogilvie, lead designer on the game, to reveal 5 things you likely didn’t know about the game. Now, on rs farmer100, you can get the details.

Number 1: Bedroom roots

You know, Jagex Games Studio currently employs more than 500 staff to develop new content for the millions of players who play “RuneScape.” However, back in 2001, it was a very different story. The original team consisted of just two brothers, Andrew and Paul Gower, who created the game as a hobby and a creative outlet while in college.

After graduating, the brothers set about developing “RuneScape” further from their parent’s house. With only a limited amount of time and money to invest, they were quick to rope in their friends to act as game testers and graphics artists. They even drafted in their family to help record sound effects for the game, spending hours dropping things into their mother’s sink to mimic the sound of fishing and capturing bacon frying on the stove to use for players cooking in the game.

Number 2: Playable on almost any computer

“RuneScape” is regarded as one of the most accessible games as it can run on almost any Windows, Mac or Linux setup that has access to the Internet. One of the key reasons for the game’s instant popularity was that it was “cloud”-based long before any one had ever thought of the term.

The game has been developed using Jagex’s own “thin client,” which is so small it would fit onto a floppy disc and runs in the background so players won’t even realize it’s there. This also means there is no download time when players enter the game. What’s more, the game is completely scalable and is automatically optimized to run on anything from a 10 year-old PC to a top-of-the-line gaming computer.

To be continued on ruescape farmer100

Runescape farmer100—Ranged, melee and magic

Are you a newbie on runescape? If you are, you must want to know more about ranged, melee and magic. Today, runescape farmer100 will tell you the details with you.

First, ranged allows players to attack enemies from a distance. Ranged armour is capable of defending against light attacks, but it weak against close-combat.

Unlike ranged, melee refers to hand-to hand combat, that is in short distance. Melee armour is usually made from metal which making this type of armour strong, but heavy. Melee does not include long-range attacks. Many players like melee combat. It is said melee is more than 2x as popular than magic and ranged combat combined. The reason is that players don’t need always to buy arrows or runes for fight. What’s more, melee has a better choice of weapons and armour. On RS farmer100, there are many melee accounts for sell.

Finally, magic is a highly versatile skill. It is used to cast various spells, utilizing the power of runes. In combat, magic players can damage their opponents from a safe distance. Magic Armour is not “armour” per se. It is more in the line of robes and other similar garments, but there are a number of more protective magic items. Some of these items give a bonus to your magic defensive levels which can be seen in the armoury tab.

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Runescape farmer100 and tutorial island (2)

Runescape farmer100 continues to tell you more details about tutorial island.


As we all know, virtually everything you do will give you experience in Runeascape. RuneScape’s XP and levelling system is divided into 24 boxes, and now there are 25 skills in Runescape. It takes a long time to train a Runescape account.


In my opinion you can get a cheap one from farmer100 runescape which can provide the cheapest and safest runescape accounts. You can get 25 Woodcutting XP by cutting down a tree. After that you can use Fire-making skill, and you can get some good items. At the same time, you can level your cooking skill by toasting the prawns. Another good way is that eat cooked meats to upgrade your energy during combat, which boosts your Defence, Strength, HP and Attack experience. Besides, you can get prayer experience by burying your enemy’s bones.


When you are at Tutorial Island, there are no character stats. You can train your skill level through the bonuses. With nothing that’s not unlockable to any paying member, the only limitation is how much of your life you’re honestly capable of spending in this world. Tutorial Island was definitely better. You can live with the extra time spent knowing that everyone who is new to the game will actually know what to do.


However, if you died on Tutorial Island in the world of warcraft, you will arrive on Lumbridge. With a network of level prerequisites and codependencies between the crafting skills and ability, there’s always something that needs to catch up in Runescape. This trail of tantalisingly close numbers is pure brain-filling time-sponge.


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RS farmer100—Do you have a 10 years runescape account?

People who have member runescape accounts for 10 years or more will get a special Veteran Cape. As a 10-year honest RS player, player excitingly sees the long-awaited launch of the 10 Year Veteran Cape. Now, RS farmer100 tells you the details.


There are various things happening in the 10-year – just take a look at RuneScape back in 2002! You know, 2002 was the year Tutorial Island welcomed lots of new players to RuneScape, and multitude adventurer met their demise at the hands of the newly-arrived King Black Dragon! Now the gates of Gielinor had barely been open a year.


If you have a 10-year runescape account, certainly you can deserve a special item to mark this magnificent commitment. The valuable Veteran Cape is only available to members, and it can be purchased from Hans, who can be found in the grounds of Lumbridge Castle.


If you don’t have such long history runescape accounts, don’t worry, you can also get the Veteran Cape through buying runescape accounts from runescape farmer100.


Farmer100 provides different types of runescape accounts, member runescape accounts and long using runescape accounts. You can choose what ever runescape accounts if you want! If you have a 10 years farmer100 runescape account, you will also get a big surprise.


Farmer100 runescape provide different kind of rs accounts for players, such as melee, mage, range and other pures. And now, farmer100 runescape has stored a large number of accounts for transactions before Christmas. Which one will be the most suitable gift for game enthusiasts? As the most popular game in teens, runescape can teach the player to learn a lot of life skills. So, it is more than a game but a good teacher and wise friend for teens.


If the object of the gifts is a game enthusiast, farmer100 runescape recommend pure account especially combat pure account as it is more suitable for gamers. To train the character into a combat pure, a player works primarily on raising certain combat skills high. All of the pure accounts on rs farmer100 are trained by other players for a long time. It is a kind an account that cost more time than others, and players can save a lot of time through the purchase of this account. Gamer is different from those common players in any games, they do not want to grind in the game, and can control the character well in any game. Those customers who buy combat pure account on farmer100 are gamer in some kind of games.


The term “pure” on rs farmer100 standing alone most commonly refers to this kind of combat pure. Combat pure is created primarily for the purpose of efficient combat. It trains specific combat skills, while deliberately keeping other combat skills at a minimum. What makes games excited is combat pures hold most relevant for successful combat and are usually made for gamer killing. It is excel against players of a similar combat level in PvP! So, it is a best gift for gamers.


In addition, let the player know runescape farmer100 after bought the account, as he would need some necessary runescape guide on farmer100 once he login in to the game. Farmer100 do best to help players have a good time in the game.