If you are under level 90 in runescape, then you should not feel like a noob. Its normal and even met until level 90 tonight, congratulations.

So if you are in the range of level 70s, your stats should be about this. Around thickness 55 to 60. where to sell rs accounts. And 60 Attack Defence should lowest ever, if you keep your stats as well. Or if you are the highest a player killer (pk-er), starch, low attack, and the defense may be lowest. Now catch the leaders.

For Level 70-79

First. You want to get your strength up What u want to do is to train on something good. Bring food. Their training on Ankous. Members, this is a great source of money too. You want to train up to 75 strength.

For combat level 70-79s, is the maximum level you should get 81 to 82 After 75 strength, want you to get a good target for higher leveled weapons, so beat that you can click. Get your attack up to about 75 This can you swing the whip hell, even a god-sword that make you take very high. With 75 strength can about 23 hit with the whip. With God’s Sword, you can about 27 to 28, which are excellent for the level you have is affected. The maximum level you get to where to sell rs accounts, sell rs accounts choose from, to be able to do this is probably described around 83 to 84.

Now for the defense. Defence will increase about 5 steps. You want your high defense so you get less affected, so you do not die so easily. You want to train to sell rs accountslevel 70 to 75 defense. I recommend 70 defense so you do not get too high in the defense. If your not level 90 yet further train strength, to 85 If you do not get 90 then 75th defense

For level 80-89

This should be a lot less time to level up to 90, because your a higher level. But you do want to train on Ankous or Dragons. Dragons are great experiences and good for this level. At this level you should be 65 to 70 strength where to sell rs accounts, sell rs accounts.

You want your strength to 80 train to 85 I RECOMMEND 85 You do not have to do it. After rising from 80 to 85 strength. The maximum level you can get it is from 83 to 91 If you are over 90 and do not stop looking at this guide that will help because you can get even higher. After getting your strength up, the attack is very large in this. At the level your at, you want this get to 75. If you already have 75 Attack, then skip this step, which is not right no matter now. Upon receipt of the 75 attack, if you have not already your level should be up to that of 92 to 93.

Now you want to get 70 defense. If you defend, 70, should your level of 92 to 93 If it is not, then you should be the level 90.